Electron Beam Lithography Systems


100 times higher throughput than existing electron beam lithography systems at sub-micron scales unachievable via laser lithography.
Suitable for high variety low volume device fabrication such as IOT devices.

- Direct writing process from sub-micron to nanometer size (semiconductor laser (DFB), communications (WDM, Silicon photonics), High frequency devices (HEMT), hologram, bio-chip, ASIC, SoC, MEMS sensor devices, power devices)
- Wafer-scale nanoimprint mold fabrication
- Nanotechnology research and development

Key Product Features

High Throughput Lithography System

image- High brightness field emission gun (schottky) provides beam currents up to 1 µA
- Two 6 inch wafers/hour of high throughput
- 10 nm diameter electron beam at 100 nA high beam current


Emitter ZrO/W thermal field emitter
Acceleration Voltage 50 kV, 20 kV
Beam Diameter 2.8 nm diameter (@ 50 kV, 1 nA)
Minimum line width 20 nm (@ 50 kV, 2 nA)
Beam Current 1 nA to  1 µA
Field Size Max. 3,000 µm x 3,000 µm
Min. 100 µm x 100 µm
Beam Positioning Max. 1,000,000 x 1,000,000 (20 bit DAC)
Beam Positioning Resolution 0.1 nm
Maximum Specimen Size 8" wafer or 7" square mask