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Electron Beam Lithography System ELS Series

Acceleration Voltage 150 kV 

Line & Space pattern with 50 nm 
pitch and 3 nm line width

Elbow pattern with 12 nm pitch

Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, and ring patterns of 8 nm line 

Bow-Tie pattern with 2.5 nm gap 

Acceleration Voltage 125 kV 

Line & Space pattern with 60 nm 
pitch and 4 nm line

Blazed pattern with a pitch of 
600 nm 

SAW device pattern with 300 nm pitch 

Triangle pattern of 50 nm per 

Acceleration Voltage 100 kV 

Line & Space pattern with 50 nm
pitch and 3 nm line

Line & Space patterns with 60 nm pitch

Square patterns with a pitch of 400 nm

Ring pattern with 50 nm line

Acceleration Voltage 50 kV 

400 nm pitch Line & Space patterns on the entire surface of 4 inch wafer fabricated for 18 h

Concentric circle patterns with line 
widths 100-450 nm

Patterns imitating scales of 
morpho butterflies

Rectangular pattern with 
150 nm line

ECR Ion Beam System EIS Series


Line & Space pattern with 200 nm pitch and 450 nm depth

Inclined dot pattern with Φ300 nm and 300 nm depth 

Holographic pattern up to max. 1050 nm depth

Pillar pattern with Φ35 nm and 100 nm pitch

EIS-220P or EIS-200ERP + Deposition option

Lift-off pattern of straight lines with 50 nm width and 100 nm height

Lift-off pattern of curved lines with 50 nm width and 100 nm height

 Lift-off pattern with 100 nm line width and 100 nm height

Mushroom shape fabricated by T-gate process and lift-off process


45° tilted etching pattern with 450 nm pitch Line & Space

Line & Space pattern of 400 nm pitch etched with Ar ions on Pt

Line & Space pattern of 400 nm Pitch etched with Ar ions on Si



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