Electron Beam Lithography Systems


World's first 125kV lithography system
High throughput with large field writing uniformity as well as fine pattern writing capability such as line width of 5nm or less take advantage of the wealth of experience we have accumulated over the years in developing lithography system. 

Key product features

Best Pattern Writing Capability

- Line width of 5nm or less is guaranteed at 125kV
- 1.7nm beam diameter & minimum proximity effect at 125kV
  • image

    4nm line in 35nm pitch

  • image

    15 nm Rings

  • image

    5nm Lines in fine pitch

High Throughput and Uniformity

- Superior large field writing :
   Uniform 10nm lines in entire 500um field

- Small beam diameter at high beam current : 
   2nm beam diameter at 1nA

User-friendly Interface

[CAD snd SEM interfaces on Windows]
- Easy pattern design function
- Easy control of beam condition
  • image

    CAD Interface

  • image

    SEM Interface (GUI)

Application Gallery

  • image

    50nm Triangles

  • image

    50nm Square

  • image

    SAW filter pattern (2 µm thickness)


Emitter ZrO/W  thermal field emitter
Acceleration Voltage 125 kV, 75 kV, 25 kV
Minimum Beam Diameter Φ1.7 nm (@125 kV)
Minimum Line Width 5 nm or less (@125 kV)
Beam Current 5 pA to 100 nA
Field Size Max. 3,000 µm x 3,000 µm
Min. 100 µm x 100 µm
Beam Positioning Max. 1,000,000 x 1,000,000 (20bit DAC)
Beam Positioning Resolution Min. 0.1 nm
Maximum Specimen Size 8" wafer or 8" square mask