Measurement and Analysis Equipments

Over 40 years of accumulation of nanotechnology know-how
Since the foundation of the company in 1975 we have made substantial contributions to the fields of fine patternin, measurement,and analysis, thereby driving advances in precision technology.
Elionix Engineering is an expert partner to the global nano-fabrication and SEM imaging for the Research & Development of various innovativation. From the conventional Si based device to other material based devices,we have been working in partnership with companies all over the world for more than 40 years. Unique synergies with Elionix equipement enables the developmnent of highly creative, mature and application-specific solutions for our customers in order that they meet their future market challenges.

ERA Series

High resoution and low acceleration voltage with User-friendly GUI
Developed software to provide more an efficient work or avoid different result by humman-error was powerfully integrated to ERA-600FE.
Accurate 3D measurements of complex critical dimension features can be successfully done by ERA series.

ERA Series Lineup

- High resolution 
1nm or less
- Low Acc. voltage
-Easy operation

- User-friendly GUI
- Fast 3D measurement
- Low Acc. voltage 
- Equiped 4 SEDs


Product feature

Combination of hollow anode ion gun and magnetron ion gun produce more efficient metal deposition with high uniformity to enable x700,00 magnifiacation observation in SEM

- Ion Beam Sputtering using Ar ion
- Enable x700,000 magnification SEM imaging due to deposited conductive layer of 0.2 to 0.5nm particle sizes on sample 
- Short time deposition (actual deposition time is 3 to 5 mins at 1Pa vacuum atomosphere)
- Various target materials are possible on your request in option.(Standard target is tungsten)
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