Measurement and Analysis Equipments

Over 40 years of nanotechnology expertise
Since the founding of our company in 1975 we have driven advances in nanotechnology through our contributions to the fields of fine patterning and measurement and analysis. Elionix collaborates with global research and development efforts in SEM imaging as well as the fabrication of a variety of nanoscale devices. For over 40 years we have assisted in the development of silicon based devices as well as more exotic materials. Our unique approach and application-specific solutions allows our customers to meet future market challenges.

ERA Series

・High resolution and low acceleration voltage with user-friendly GUI.
・Optimized software that mitigates human error and provides consistent measurement results.
・Unique 4 secondary electron detector system
・Minimized sample damage with zero physical contact
・Capable of 3D measurement of complex critical dimensions

ERA Series Lineup

- High resolution 
1 nm or less)
- Low Acc. voltage
- Easy operation

- User-friendly GUI
- Fast 3D measurement
- Low Acc. voltage 
- 4 SED system


Product Features

Combination of hollow anode ion gun and magnetron ion gun enable efficient metal deposition with high uniformity.

- Ar ion beam sputtering
- Enables ×700,000 magnification SEM imaging due to small (0.2 – 0.5 nm) particle sizes
- Short deposition time (actual deposition time is 3 – 5 minutes at 1 Pa)
- Good feature coverage and adhesion among narrow features, coatings are contamination resistant
- Various target materials available upon request (standard target is tungsten)
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