August, 2015

Surface Roughness Analysis 3D Scanning Electron Microscope -ERA-600- was announced.

image The balance adjustment before measurement used to be necessary. Automatic adjustment function allows you to perform one-click 3D measurement and multi-points automatic measurement.

Using a common holder as an opition makes the measurement position common between the nano-indentation tester, ENT series or surface force analyzer, ESF-5000.

* Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Tuesday, 25th August, 2015 - page 10

August, 2014

Surface Roughness Analysis 3D Scanning Electron Microscope -ERA-600FE- was announced.

image The usability was improved that shows scanning electron microscope (SEM) image and 3D measurement image simultaneously. In addition, automatic adjustment procedures makes that no measurement error occured on each user.

And number of 3D measurement points were increased to 17,280,000 pixels, which is max. 16 times of conventional equipment, then more precise topography information can be gathered.

* Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun, Tuesday, 26th August, 2014

January, 2014

Ultra-high Precision Electron Beam Lithography System -ELS-F100- was announced.

image Maximum beam current became 100nA which is 50 times of conventional system. The scanning speed was shortened to 10ns from 60ns by 100MHz clock.

Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun, Friday, 24th January, 2014