Measurement and Analysis Equipments


Semi-in lens SEM capable of sub-nanometer 3D surface roughness analysis

The ERA-9000 uses a semi-in lens optics system to realize low voltage ultra fine analysis. 1 nm height resolution guaranteed at low (1 kV) acceleration voltage. Capable of precise analysis of the features at the utmost sample surface.

Key Product Feature

Ultra High Resolution and Low Acceleration Voltage

• Semi-in lens and retarding voltage are equiped as standard. 
•0.8 nm (@ 15 kV)
•1.3 nm (@ 1 kV with retarding voltage)

Completely Contamination-Free

• 100% Oil free dry pump removes any risk of contamination

Interlock system

• Interlock system prevents contact between objective lens and specimen
• Sample chamber comes with CCD camera installed

■SEM image
  • image

    EBL resist

  • image

    Carbon nanotube

  • image

    Carbon nanotube
    (x400,000 @ 1 kV)

  • image

    Comparison of gold particles @ 1 kV / 200 V

■3D SEM image
  • image

    Secondary electron image

  • image

    Uneven emphasis secondary electron image

  • image

    3D bird's-eye view

  • image

    Peak-valley map


SEM Imaging:
Emitter ZrO/W thermal field emission
Landing Voltage 100 V to 30 kV
Resolution 0.8 nm : 15 kV
1.3 nm : 1 kV  (with retarding voltage)
Magnification x 60 to 1,000,000
Specimen Size Φ 100 mm
3D Measurement:
Resolution for Z Direction 1 nm
Measurement Direction X-direction、Y-direction
Measured Data Points
Maximum 4,320,000 points