Measurement and Analysis Equipments


Superior 3D Scanning Electron Microscope

Accurate 3D measurements of complex critical dimension features can be successfully done by ERA-9000.
Using low acceleration voltage, damage to sample by EB beam can be decreased and achieved 0.8nm at 15kV for highest resolution or 1.3nm at 1kV.
Moreover, 7 detectors which can be equiped at most help to obtain the sample structure with more visible. 

Key product feature

Ultra High Resolution

• Semi-in lens and retarding voltage are equiped as standard. 
 -0.8nm @ 15kV (when using Landind Voltage) or 1.3nm @ 1kV

Low Acceleration Voltage and High Resolution

• Resolution of X,Y-direction 1.3nm @1kV
• Highest resolution 0.8nm @ 15kV

Completely Contamination-free

• Due to use of dry pump ( completely oil-free ), a contamination-free!

Interlock system

• The interlock system to avoid the contact of the objecti lens and the specimen is integrated.
It also comes standard with CCD monitor in the specimen chamber.
■SEM image
  • image

    EB resist
    (x 20)

  • image

    Carbon nanotube
    (x 100,000)

  • image

    Carbon nanotube
    (x 400,000 @ 1kV )

  • image

    Comparison of gold particles @1kV / 200V
     ( x 200,000 )

■3D SEM image
  • image

    second electron image

  • image

    Uneven emphasis secondary electron image

  • image

    3D bird's eye veiw

  • image

    Peak-Valley Map


<SEM imaging>
Emitter ZrO/W Thermal field emission
Landing voltage 100V to 30kV
Resolution 0.8nm : 15kV
1.3nm : 1kV  (@retarding)
Magnification x 60 to 1,000,000
Specimen size Φ100mm
<3D Measurement>
Resolution for z direction 1nm
Mesurement direction X-direction、Y-direction
Measured data points
Maximum 4,320,000 points