Measurement and Analysis Equipments


State-of-Art 3D Scanning Electron Microscope

High resoution and low acceleration voltage with User-friendly GUI
Developed software to provide more an efficient work or avoid different result by humman-error was powerfully integrated to ERA-600FE.
Users can skip comprocated prerequisite adjustment. Additionally TOPO / COMPO image can be obtained using EDS / EBSD.

Key product feature

Intuitive and Easy Operation

- Use-friendly Interface
- Easy to switch 2D measurement to 3D measurement
- Automated measurement in multiple positions
- Successfully automated prerequisite adjustment and less human-error measurement
- By linking the Windows -compatible file server software with obtained SEM images providing an efficiency paper work
  • image

    3D bird's eye view

  • image

    Contour map

Integrated 4 Secondary Electron Detectors

image- Not only SEM image but TOPO / COMPO withEDS/EBSD .
- Equiped High Speed ressponce SEDs
- State-Of-Art realtime image processing
  • image

    element emphasis with secondary electron image magnification 500 times

  • image

    Uneven emphasis secondary electron image magnification 500 times


Emitter ZrO/W thermal field emitter
Acceleration voltage 300V ~ 30kV
Lateral resolution 1.2nm : 30kV
5nm : 1kV
Magnification x20 ~ 600,000
Specimen Size Φ152 x h15 mm (Maximum diameter)
Φ50 x h30 mm (Maximum thickness)
Stage Controlling X,Y,Z,R,T 5 aixs motor contolling
Secondary Electron Detector 4 positions (a,b,c,d)
Z-axis resolution 1nm
Possible analysis direction
 in 3D measurement
Measureing points @3D    :Max.17,280,000 points
@1-line   :Max.32,767 points
Option Operation panel & Joystick,
pre-chamber room(4 -inch),
Various sample holder

Optional tool

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    Operation panel & Joystick

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    Operation panel

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