Electron Beam Lithography Systems


Superior 100 kV Lithography System
We have increased the range of beam current over previous models up to 20 pA to 100 nA. The redesigned electron optics ensure uniform beam diameter throughout the maximum 1 mm writing field. Throughput has been enhanced for wide-area nanoscale patterning.

Key Product Features

Ultra-Fine Line Lithography

imageThe ELS-F100 employs a highly stable electron beam with a diameter down to 1.8 nm. This allows fine patterns to be drawn with minimum line width of 6 nm or less.
Our over 40 year history of lithography system development has lead to the creation of equipment that utilize stable and precise beams that operate at high throughput.

Ultra-High Beam Position Accuracy with Laser Interferometer Stage

imageOutstanding beam position resolution  (0.1 nm) is made possible via a 20-bit DAC. A 0.3 nm resolution laser interferometer is included to achieve stitching position of ±10 nm and overlay precision of ±15 nm within a 100 μm field.

High-Throughput Ultra-Fine Processing System

Optimized electron optics, high beam current (20 pA to 100 nA), and enhanced deflection system all contribute to maximize throughput during wide area patterning.

Versatile Lithography Software

With the circle pattern generator (option), slanted lines, circles, and arcs can be produced with minimal edge roughness. Via the variable field size function even WDM diffraction grating fabrication is possible. 


Application Gallery

  • image

    35 nm pitch hole pattern

  • image

    After Cr lift-off


Emitter ZrO/W thermal field emitter
Acceleration Voltage 100 kV, 50 kV, 25 kV
Beam Diameter Φ 1.8 nm (@ 100 kV)
Minimum line width 6 nm (@ 100 kV)
Beam Current 20 pA to  100 nA
Field Size Max. 3,000 µm x 3,000 µm
Min. 100 µm x 100 µm
Beam Positioning Max. 1,000,000 x 1,000,000 (20bit DAC)
Beam Positioning Resolution 0.1 nm
Maximum Specimen Size 8" wafer or 7" square mask